Acting Songster Leader Veronica Mitchell

Songster Leader Jacqui Clack

Founded at the turn of the century, the Reading Central Songster Brigade is in its 114th year of continuous service. Throughout that time the brigade has maintained excellent numbers and has travelled to many Army centres in the United Kingdom in addition to visiting churches and other groups in its own area.

In recent years the brigade has campaigned in Edinburgh, Belfast, Ashford, Sheffield and Norwich, among others.
Each Sunday the songsters contribute to our Sunday morning worship meeting and bring blessing and inspiration through their music.

The songsters presently number 28 voices, and a wide variety of backgrounds and occupations are reflected in the personnel, including teachers, students, company directors and financial consultants.

Jacqui Clack took over as the leader in 2014.

Reading Central Songsters

The Songsters (September 2014)