Reading Central Salvation Army


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The world-wide Salvation Army works tirelessly for people in need; homeless and hungry people, families facing hardship, victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking, people who are ill or grieving, people who are desperately lonely. We reach out to all of them with unstinting friendship and practical, professional help. Here's how your donations could transform lives.

£9 - could provide support and advice for a homeless person in one of our centres.

£19 could pay for a food parcel to feed a family in desperate need for three days.

£25 - could provide emergency practical support for a family in crisis.

£45 - could pay towards the cost of an officer to run a Salvation Army centre for a day to keep the door open for vulnerable people.

£70 could help keep our food banks replenished from wholesalers and local sources.

£80 - could cover the cost of running three weekly parent-and-toddler groups

Our programme in Reading includes:
providing food hampers and vouchers exchangeable for food to families and individuals facing hardship;
gifts of toys to children and young people who may otherwise not receive presents at Christmas;
lunches for children and families during school holidays; and
supporting the wider Salvation Army program listed above.

Registered Charity Numbers:
    214779 (England and Wales);
    SC009359(Scotland); and
    CHY6399 (Republic of Ireland)